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E-commerce Sites




We will furnish you with the essential know-how to sell your products and services online effectively. Our expertise is perfected through our vast experience of creating numerous successful online shopping sites.

We are your one-stop solution for providing your website with all the necessary elements for its success - such as web design, shopping cart, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and arrangement of infrastructure (server, domain, etc.). We offer total support for all your online shopping site’s needs.

Through the online shopping site we developed, SALES INCREASED by an astounding 500%!
Online Korean cosmetic shopping site is Singapore’s skincare and body wellness online retail store that carries a variety of popular skincare brands from Korea, all sold at very low prices. It is founded on the concept that beauty is easily within reach and everyone should be able to achieve healthy, beautiful and radiant skin, without splurging too much. is committed to make customers’ shopping experience as easy, quick and inexpensive as possible, while providing quality skincare that features only premium and wholesome ingredients.
By applying a user-friendly, open source shopping cart software, Zen Cart, monthly sales significantly doubled!
Japanese organic cosmetic shopping site

Oorilewa is Singapore’s online shopping site which features Japanese organic cosmetics and skin care goods. Its skin care products use only the finest natural ingredients to soften, hydrate or to treat the skin’s common problems. Its products are enhanced with Oorilewa-complex - a 100% natural fragrance blended with Apples, Black Gooseberry, Geranium, Rose and Barosma Betulina. Oorilewa believes in providing customers only with Mother Nature’s finest components to reward the skin.
With the use of CMS, the site was developed rapidly Within a week, the online shopping site was complete and good to go!
Japanese lifestyle products shopping site, is Singapore’s link to Japan’s latest innovative lifestyle products. From beauty, to health and fashion, it sells and delivers cool and functional merchandises from Japan. It offers efficient and cost-effective shopping and delivers products right to your doorstep if you purchase at least SGD80.00. is committed to make customers’ shopping experience as easy, quick and wonderful as possible.
Key Success Factors for Online Shopping
To create successful online shopping site, you need to:
  • Identify and define the users’ needs
  • Use relevant and appropriate information designs
  • Perform SEO to increase visibility and user access
  • Utilize a user-friendly interface to minimize the bounce rate
  • Use markup or coding based on de facto Web Standards
  • Use an easy, user-friendly shopping cart system
  • Provide an appropriate landing page that complements the search results shown in Search Engines
  • Proper marketing to increase the retention of your site’s visitors
Stylez offers holistic online shopping site development to bring you an impressive and successful website.
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