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We aspire to become the most trusted medium among consumers and clients alike, by providing high-quality and reliable information when it is needed. Building on the essential values of trustworthiness and excellence, we venture into an unprecedented Internet media business that is constantly on the quest to bring fair and equitable value for both clients and consumers.

We understand that the consumers’ happiness reaffirm the clients’ delight. Thus, we develop a user-oriented Internet media, developed by our own expertise and technology, which is aimed at pleasing the consumers with its value.

In contrast with the existing advertising media, Internet advertising can easily deliver the appropriate information to its target market segment while allowing clients to effortlessly assess their ROI (Return on Investment).

Through our Internet advertising media, we close the gap and bridge together consumers and clients -- maximizing the value of information for consumers, while achieving a higher ROI for the clients.

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Information Portal

iCompare is a quick, reliable and convenient alternative for finding the services that you require. It allows you to evade the hassles of searching through multitudes of websites and canvassing for the best solution to your needs.

The people behind iCompare have done the arduous part by exploring the best service providers in Singapore. You can now enjoy the luxury of leaving out this time-consuming information gathering process. Now, all you have to do is compare and choose from our constructed roster of establishments.

iCompare Beauty
iCompare Beauty

Client Pays Per Appointment Beauty and Wellness Interactive Portal

iCompare Beauty is your reliable, quick and easy guide to finding the right beauty treatment for your specific needs. With iCompare Beauty, you evade the tedious process of browsing through the internet, calling up various spas or checking out the newspapers for the latest deals. Here, you can simply compare and select the best offers from our bevy of recommended spas and salons.

iCompare lets you select from a variety of exclusive beauty deals, browse through other consumers’ unbiased feedback, book an appointment and write reviews online. For a cost-effective beauty journey, iCompare is the most convenient route for you.
iCompare Home
iCompare Home

Client Pays Per Enquiry Home Design Interactivez Portal

iCompare Home is the ideal, one-stop portal for your home design and renovation needs. Compare and choose from among our top and meticulously-selected roster of professional interior design firms. Each interior design firm showcases unique home designs to match a wide spectrum of personalities. Leaf through their design portfolios, select the interior design firm that best suits your requirements, set an appointment, and you’re good to go.

Only iCompare allows you to simultaneously send inquiries to multiple interior designer companies in three easy steps. iCompare offers convenient home design canvassing at its optimum.

Online Restaurant Coupon System
(Currently Under Construction)

KuPon! is the ideal haven for food aficionados. In KuPon!, you can explore the best places to wine and dine in Singapore. This restaurant information portal features only the most superb dishes, tried and reviewed by the most discerning palates.

You can search for restaurants by area, cuisine or budget. You can even hunt for the best food deals in town. Whether you are looking for quick sumptuous munches, fine dining, or late night joints, our list offers you nothing but the finest.
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