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Online Marketing
Online Marketing Consultation


We create successful website and system development which is based on clients’ general issues and objectives.

If you are aiming to increase your sales, allow us help you reach your goal by effectively executing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Landing Page Optimization (LPO). We are equipped with the experience, skills and knowledge to provide total website solutions that will ultimately lead your business to success.

Stylez Solution
Free Website Analysis
For clients who may have problems with time and maintenance, we can propose the use of Content Management System (CMS). CMS is a framework which allows users to create, maintain and manage website contents, without having to develop special skills or knowledge.

We will take care of the SEO execution. We will also create website templates that are based on World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Standards.
Increase Conversion
Stylez will develop a website which can boost conversion or increase the number of enquiries through an effective SEO and by developing content management which will satisfy the users’ needs. We can also provide a way to increase conversion, based on PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) Cycle, after the launching the website.
Perform SEO, LPO and EFO
We will perform SEO and LPO to achieve the client’s goal. Prior to which, we will interview the client, and conduct research and analysis to properly identify the client’s current issues.
Revamp & Refresh the Website Design
Stylez will create a professional design which will be consistently used throughout the website. We will craft a design which will emphasize the client’s strength to increase the website’s overall branding effect.

Our strategic and well thought-out designs will increase the value of the client’s products and services, and will also effectively distinguish them from their competitors.
Draw in New Customers
Stylez views the website as one of the most effective marketing tool. To successfully market a product or service, we create websites/systems that provide contents which complement search engine results. Thus, customers who seek a specific product will be led to the appropriate page. We will also carry out SEO/LPO so new visitors can be directed to the contents which suitably match their keywords/search words.
Increase Brand Awareness
Stylez considers the web system as one of the most efficient Internet tool for endorsing a product or service of a certain brand. To effectively endorse a brand, we will first understand accurately the user’s needs. After which, we will propose an SEO, LPO, rich content development and web branding. All these will be based on the user’s needs and requirements.
Increase Customer Loyalty
Stylez offers optimized customer loyalty marketing for the web by conducting access log analysis and by improving its usability. Through influencer marketing, blogs and social networking sites (SNS), we can provide a web system that has the potential to increase customer loyalty through heightened product and service awareness.
Use SNS as Internet Marketing Tool
Stylez will provide a social networking site which can keep you connected with your consumers. Through this, your consumers will be constantly updated with all your latest news and promotions. We will propose the most effective means of building a cohesive relationship with your consumers that is also in sync with your business model.
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