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Boost your website’s traffic volume by obtaining a prime search engine position through SEO, LPO & EFO

SEO for Yahoo and Google Search Engines

Three of the key factors in creating a successful website are:
Proper Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine Optimization
Contents that address the user’s requirements through Landing Page Optimization
An enquiry page that is convenient and comprehensive through Entry Form Optimization
You are in a critical situation if there is a disparity between the keywords / search words and the contents of your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an internet promotion strategy that improves the volume of traffic to your website through search engine results. The higher your website ranks in a search engine’s results list, the more visitors you get. SEO effectively considers how various search engines work, and what people normally search for in the Internet. This, in turn, will increase your business performance significantly.

No matter how carefully and elegantly designed your website is, it will be futile if no visitors will come in to view your contents and read your information. To achieve a user-accessible and search engine robot-friendly website, follow these steps:

SEO step 1
Define Useful and Relevant Keywords
With SEO, selecting the appropriate keywords to use is crucial. So how do you know what are the right keywords?
You should analyze the frequency that the keyword is used in Internet searches. Furthermore, you should check how competitively the keywords fare in Internet searches.
SEO step 2
Complementary Keywords and Landing Page
Have you ever tried clicking on a search engine result and ended up being diverted into a website that contains irrelevant information? It is very frustrating, isn’t it?

Lack of harmony between your keywords and your landing page will be very detrimental as it will lead visitors to ignore your contents and deliberately avoid your website.

Even if a lot of users did visit your site, you would not be able to retain them if you wouldn’t provide these users with the information that they seek. Therefore, the proper implementation of SEO and LPO is crucial to your website’s success.
Have you ever encountered any of these problems?
User access has increased because of SEO, yet the bounce ratio is extremely high
Proper SEO still does not lead to conversion
The Return On Investment (ROI) of SEO and SEM is unsatisfactory
You are not sure if SEO/SEM are effective in bringing in your desired results
The key point of SEO is in selecting the appropriate keywords to be used on your website.
key point of SEO Even if you manage to get top ranking in most search engines, you will not be able to retain your visitors if the content on your website does not match the users’ given keywords.

In search engines, users try to find solutions to their problems and answers to their enquiries by using keywords. To create a successful website, you need to understand the relevant keywords that are frequently used in order to do proper SEO. It is also important to embed these relevant keywords within your texts. Your contents should maintain a reasonable quantity of keywords for your website to achieve a higher page ranking. Excessive repetition of keywords will put off search engine robots, and thus, your page will be considered as a spam. The trick here is to optimize the usage of keywords, without saturating your texts.

Adopting the wrong keywords will give you a website which does not properly address the users’ requirements. Your high ranking in search engine results would then be a waste since you can barely retain visitors within your website.

Don’t stop with SEO and SEM. LPO could also be a Key.
Even if you did succeed in leading visitors into your website through effective SEO/SEM, these users will just bounce if the information that they sought is not there, or if your landing page failed to meet their objectives.

It is essential to direct these users to the page which will best address their requirements. That is where LPO comes in. LPO ensures that users will find the information that they are searching for. This, in turn, will lead to higher conversion. landing page optimization
Did you know that the Enquiry Page bounce rate is usually more than 40%?
Have you ever tried sending your enquiry for a particular website but were swamped with too many questions, too many mandatory entry fields and lots of error warnings? Troublesome, isn’t it?

To retain the users that you got through effective SEO and LPO, you also have to do Entry Form Optimization (EFO).

entry form optimization
Stylez offers total solution to achieve higher conversion for your website. This includes effective SEO, SEM, LPO and EFO. We do this by closely examining the major causes why users bounce upon reaching certain pages, brochures, enquiry pages or e-mail forms. We aim to address the root of the problem to give you a more successful website.
Bounce Rate
SEO step 3
Proper Mark-up and Coding, Compliant with Web Standards
To gain the favour of search engine robots, you must apply proper mark-up (coding, HTML and CSS). Your website must be friendly and accessible for users, as well as search engine robots.
Stylez will develop websites with successful SEO, LPO and EFO performance. We will carefully execute critical factors such as keyword embedding, page structuring and post-launch access log analysis. We will also provide consultation and post-launch support.

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