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Revamp/Refresh the web design

Revamp and Refresh the Website Design

The impression from the design will give a lot of impact to your corporate image.

What is branding strategy through web design?

When you hear renewal of web design, it sounds like simply changing the looks of your website to increase the corporate branding image. But it is not that simple. Our web design takes care of the ease of operations, visual effect, tone and manner based on the corporate branding image.

We can do the total solution including adding Flash animation to your website, logo and strategic web design to increase the value of your company, ROI and hospitality of the corporate plan.
If you have these concerns…
It has been a while since you created your website, so your website is not as updated and nice as your competitors.
You want to improve your brand image and differentiate it from your competitors.
You want to create a website for branding and to lead to conversions.
You want to maintain the quality of your website’s design, while keeping it Search Engine friendly.

Differentiate from your competitors and enhance your branding effect by a strategic web design
strategic web design
It is quite common for you to end up caring only about the looks when you consider branding and revamping or refreshing your web design. It is not true that your web page will be evaluated as reliable and you can convey the correct brand image to users by preparing a nice looking website / homepage with flash animation and others.

When you create a website, consider the target users. Think about their preference, what they are looking for, and also consider your goal. Take all of these into account and then based on this, think of a strategic web design.

You also need to consider the originality and uniqueness of the corporate brand, standardization of tone and manner consistent with your corporate identity.
By considering all these elements, and balancing them, you can increase the branding value, differentiation, reliability and user’s support.

Stylez will first define the target user and objective of the design renewal. We will then investigate the areas on which you need to improve on or the areas which you need to emphasize and then we will propose a strategic web design solution.

Increase of conversion by web usability
web usability
You cannot bring in customers if your website is very difficult to use. You cannot bring in conversion if you only care about your website’s looks and image. You should consider your user’s needs. For example in making one button, consider what your users need, think about the ease by which they will navigate through your website and try to increase conversions based on this.

By considering hospitality, you can make users comfortably surf through your site’s contents and this will lead to repeating users.

Stylez will analyze and define the corporate plan and the users’ needs. We will then propose a strategic web design and this will increase your corporate branding value.

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