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Web development
In this era, the Internet is recognized as the principle medium for consumers to gather virtually all the information they need. Whether they are looking for company information, product details, price comparisons or product reviews, the Internet is the idyllic go-to hub. Along with this paradigm shift, websites are now put on a pedestal. Websites now play a crucial role in integrating information that businesses want to convey to the people (Business Goals) and details that consumers require (User’s Needs).
7 Crucial Factors for Creating Successful Websites
1. Setting an Objective
You need to set a goal or objective in order to be guided as to what menu or structure should be adopted. Whether you want to increase enquiries, increase appointments or sell products, you need to streamline the structure to fit the main purpose.

2. Define Target Audience
Identify your target audience. Specify the gender, age group, interests, etc. The content and structure must correspond to your target demographics.

3. Distinguish Your Website
Differentiate your website by highlighting the strengths and asset of your website’s products or services. Focus on your selling point, such as your price, clientele, experience or market share. Based on this, we will define how your website will be portrayed.

4. SEO and LPO
Proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and LPO (Landing Page Optimization) will give you an edge over the rest by helping you attain and maintain a favourable search engine ranking.

Proper SEO will give your website visibility, increasing chances of bringing in more new customers. While apt LPO will allow users to obtain their desired information easily.

5. Suitable Design and Text
The graphic design and words should be appropriate for your identified target audience. For example, business websites should maintain a professional image and avoid loud colours.
6. Usability
After clearly defining the first five factors, you must ensure that your website is user-friendly. To increase conversion, make sure your users will find your website easy to use. A user’s perspective should be used and facets such as easy navigation, simple and easy request forms or user-friendly interface should be observed.
7. Timeliness of Content
Your contents should be timely and fresh. Even with proper structure and well-written contents, the chances of returning users will decrease if your web contents are not updated in a timely fashion.
Stylez will create websites that incorporate all these 7 factors. We will clearly define all the crucial elements in order to maximize the value of information for your clients and in order for you to easily monitor your
ROI (Return On Investment).

A Comparison: Successful Website vs. Unsuccessful Website
Successful Sites
Unsuccessful Sites
The objective of the website is clearly defined. The contents, design and structure is created to achieve this objective.
The website has no clear objective. The user finds it hard to understand what the site is all about, or what its products and services are.
Target Audience
The design, contents and structures are designed to meet your target audience’s requirements, demands and preferences.
The target audience is not initially identified. The contents are too general or is aimed at the wrong market segment.
The strengths, assets or selling points are emphasized to put the website in the best possible light.

A generic, dull website which conceals your strong points will not make your website memorable for the users, nor will it create an impact.
Maintaining a favorable search engine ranking will make your website visible. With this visibility, you can continue to bring in new potential customers to the site. Providing the right landing page that matches the search words allows the users to obtain their desired information easily.

A “self-satisfactory” website, with too much nice designs and flash animation, is not effective in drawing in potential customers, since it will not be visible in search engine results. A landing page which is contains information that is not relevant to the search word used will lead to high bounce rate and lower user retention.
Design and Texts
There is an optimum balance between the graphic design & layout and SEO. An impressive design must be achieved, together with proper SEO. Contents are clear, easy to read, relevant and well-organized. The information provided is fresh and constantly updated.
A design-intensive site with poor SEO will give a negative impression to users. So will a poorly-designed website. Too little information or too much irrelevant information will drive away users. Also, information that is too old and outdated will lessen the chances of returning users.
The contents are easily identifiable and accessible. The navigation scheme is sensible and easy and a user-friendly interface is used for making appointments, filling out order forms or making enquiries.
Users face difficulty finding or reaching desired contents. Or data entry form for appointments and enquiry are too complicated or looks too complicated, and it will bring down users' motivation.
Timely Updates
Contents are fresh and updates are made in a timely fashion to provide readers with the most up-to-date information.
The website contents are stale and outdated, products sold out are still displayed and old promotions are still posted.
Stylez has been constantly producing and developing successful websites which can cope up with the demands of both the businesses and the consumers. As a team of web development professionals, we offer web site and system development services that are a notch above the rest.

We offer websites and systems that are prepped for success.

B to B Sites

We can enhance your business ventures by building B to B sites that work as bridges between businesses. By methodically understanding your products and services, we can properly portray just the right image on your website.

B to B Sites

Promotion Sites

We can convey your company, products and services effectively with our promotions site. We develop promotions site that will accurately communicate your company, products and services to consumers. We will enhance the brand appeal of your products and services with our professional, high-quality designs. With the appropriate Search Engine Marketing (SEM), topped with apt Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Landing Page Optimization (LPO), you can reach your target market segment more effectively.

Promotion Sites

Information Portal

For websites that cater to organizations, it is essential to provide useful, up-to-date and reliable information to its members. We can develop websites that, not only properly depict the organization, but provide data and information that are of great value to its members.

Information Portal

Content Management System

For easy website maintenance, we employ Content Management System (CMS). CMS is a framework which will allow you to create, maintain and manage your website contents, without having to develop special skills or knowledge, nor undergoing rigid trainings and lessons. CMS, the system employed by most companies, offers appealing benefits, such as less maintenance cost, increased information accuracy and minimal maintenance time.

Content Management System
Proper planning is essential in order to accurately define your objectives and goals.
2Project Management
Project Management is one of the most critical factors in creating successful websites and systems. Project Management involves proper planning, accurate development and methodical testing in order to achieve speedy and error-free websites and systems.
3Web Standard
Web Standard is the development norm which separates the Word Structure (XHTML) and Visual Structure (CSS) and enables everyone to perceive the same contents under different environments. It is imperative for you to develop according to the Web Standards in order to effectively perform SEO, increase accessibility, and achieve higher performance.
4High Quality Design
The proper visual support is essential for you to project a positive image to your target audience and to portray the right impression. The correct design can aid in articulating the excellence of your product or services.
Users visit a website, seeking out specific information. They do not want to be fed with stale and outdated facts. You must be able to provide the latest, accurate information to satisfy the users’ needs.
Search Engine visibility is crucial. Having a superbly-designed, information-laden website is fruitless it cannot be seen when users search the Internet. Metaphorically speaking, owning a beautiful and rare flower is futile if you will hide it from the world. For your website to be truly effective, you must make it visible and accessible by your target market.
You must create a safe and reliable environment wherein you can comfortably manage your website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Otherwise, it would be futile if your website is inaccessible due to server problems.
The Website is a media which requires a continuous PDCA Cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Action). You can satisfy the users’ needs and improve SEO by uploading up-to-date information.
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