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Stylez Web Maintenance Service can cut down your cost by half, and maximize your website's presence.

Website maintenance is essential. Not just for Search Engine Optimization purposes, but for maximizing your website's potential and for adding security to your site.

Stylez is an efficient, professional company that is very capable of updating your website. We offer professional web maintenance services that will continually meet the needs of your website, whether immediate or long term.


Common Website Concerns of SME Owners

  • I Want Fresh and Accurate Website Contents, But Do Not Have the Time or the Know-How

    Research shows that a notable majority of SME owners find it taxing to constantly update their websites. As these owners have their hands full with a million other essential tasks for their business operations, websites seem to be the last thing they want to spend their time on.

    However, your visitors - whether humans or search engine crawlers – prefer to visit an updated website. As such, your website requires regular updating of contents.

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    Websites need to showcase the latest products and services that your company offers. To be effective, it also needs to communicate the latest happenings in your company. Whatever your business is, you need ongoing website maintenance to ensure that you get the highest return on your website investments.

    There are quite a few good websites out there that make a great first impression, yet fail to keep their users' attention. These websites last updated their contents a year ago, or maybe even more than that. With such poor maintenance, the connection with their users wane. Poor maintenance can also do a lot of harm to your SEO performance. Search engine crawlers prefer fresh content, not stale, outdated ones.

  • I Want to Reduce Costs Without Compromising the Quality of My Website

    Due to their lack of time and technical know-how, SME owners usually hire a web designer or web programmer to work on their websites or e-commerce sites. However, our research shows that most companies who constantly update their websites usually spend 3-5 hours each month to add, edit, delete texts, images and other contents.

    Given these data, it would then be a waste of resources to hire one IT personnel to handle this type of work. Hiring one would incur a few thousand dollars each month.

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    Having a web maintenance service plan can significantly reduce your costs by eradicating the need to hire full-time web designers or web content programmers. Your site will have regular back-ups, e-mail support, updates and be installed with new or modified menu changes - with lesser cost. Stylez will serve as your off-site IT personnel. We will handle your website maintenance concerns at a much lower cost, starting at S$198 per month.

    With the current economic environment, companies and organizations are seeking ways to reduce cost while adding value to their marketing and communication stratagems. A professional web maintenance service offers that - a way to cut costs without compromising your web presence.

  • I Want a Regularly Backed-Up Secure Site that contains Fixes for Security Holes Discovered from Time to Time

    You need back-ups are mainly needed for 2 major reasons:

    • To restore a website's state subsequent to a disaster; and
    • To restore small numbers of files after they have been accidentally corrupted or deleted.
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    Data loss is a very common phenomenon. In fact, 66% of Internet users have endured serious data loss. Given this probability, websites, especially e-commerce sites which contain crucial data, require regular back-up.

    Furthermore, server-side or backend programming used for database management, form processing, display functions, shopping carts, stock management and attributes display require regular updating. Fixes -- called security patches -- may be implemented to mend security holes discovered from time to time. This corrective action will remove a threat’s capability to exploit a weakness in your website.

    Stylez offers professional web maintenance services. We will continually meet the needs of your website, whether immediate or long term. We offer cost-effective web maintenance plans to suit your needs. Let us take care of the details so you can take care of the more important aspects of your business.

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