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Enjoy authentic Kappo-style Japanese Omakase at affordable prices at SHUNSUI. 

The Grand Opening Dinner Special Courses have now launched - the Kacho Course ($129++) consists of 10 seasonally-curated dishes made from fresh, premium ingredients from various parts of Japan (Ala Carte upgrade options available). Diners can also opt for the Shunsui Course ($179++) for additional premium delicacies.

"Until You Say Stop" Style Yakitory Omakase

Enjoy “Until You Say Stop” style Omakase by Yakitori Master, Chef Michio Murakami, at kemuri for $99++ (U.P. $129++).

The Omakase will serve yakitori until you say stop, as well as 7 side dishes, and your selection of a rice or noodle dish. You're guaranteed for a satisfying, hearty and one-of-a-kind dining experience.


Omakase Course +FREE-Flow Alcohol!

Now $99+ (U.P. $129+) for an convivial Izakaya Omakase experience of Japan’s seasonal best sourced from Toyosu Market in Japan, served alongside free-flow alcohol such as beer, shochu, wine and sake. Experience and reminisce the energy of a night out in the back alleys of Tokyo as you knock back a bottle or two. 


Sushi Omakase Course at $69+, $99+ or $129+

Enjoy Sushi Omakase tasting menu at $69++, or 20-course Sushi Omakase courses at $99+ (U.P. $129+) or $129+ (U.P. $159+) of indulgent selections of seasonal ingredients air-flown direct from Toyosu, Japan.

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